Life can be hard. At best, it is sometimes complicated and confusing. We often react to life’s difficulties by developing the symptoms of depression or anxiety or by getting stuck in ways of thinking, feeling, and acting that keep us from moving forward. The more we try, the more stuck we get. Our relationships may suffer. We may find that when it comes to our own problems, we are “sitting too close to the screen” to see what is really happening in our lives or how to make it better. Counseling can help.

An important part of my ministry is to help ordinary people find healing for the broken places in their lives, work toward reconciliation in their relationships, and achieve healthy, productive ways of living their lives. It is my goal to help you live the life God has given you and to live it well.

You may be feeling depressed or anxious or stressed. You may be having relationship problems that just won’t go away. You may be having problems at work or with your family. I have experience in helping people deal with a wide variety of issues. If I don’t have the experience or expertise to help you with your particular needs, I will help connect you to someone who does.

Of course, not all counseling focuses only on the problems that someone is having. Sometimes it is more helpful to be proactive and preventive. You may want to improve your marriage or parenting skills. You may want to think through the direction your life is headed or want help making important decisions. You may have spiritual issues you’d like to work on. Counseling can help with these kinds of goals as well.