Trisha Taylor is a counselor, author, consultant and speaker based in Houston, TX.

Counseling is a key component of Trisha’s ministry and she enjoys working with individuals, couples and families. She works to provide a safe place where people who are hurting or confused can find God’s grace and wisdom. more info

Trisha is a co-author of The Leader’s Journey:
Accepting the Call to Personal and Congregational Transformation, which challenges leaders to see their congregations as living systems and to respond to leadership challenges with emotional maturity, leading as Jesus did, from the inside out. She is available to lead workshops and seminars or to provide consultation and coaching to help individuals and teams find a new way of thinking and leading in the contemporary church. more info

Because Trisha is enthusiastic about helping couples establish happy,healthy relationships, she views premarital preparation and marriage education as essential to her ministry. more info

Faithwalking is a series of learning experiences designed to equip missional leaders in the post-Christian era to live transformational lives in their families, neighborhoods, and congregations. Along with Faithwalking founder Jim Herrington, Trisha offers these intensive learning experiences for congregational and business leaders. For more information, go to

As both a minister and a counselor, Trisha holds a Texas state license as a professional counselor and is a fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. She graduated from Baylor University (Psychology, 1985) and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Counseling, 1988). She has been married to Craig since 1985 and they have two adult children.