“To lead well, pastors must first focus on managing themselves rather than managing others and learn to think in a different way about how people in living systems affect each other. As pastors learn to manage themselves, they can lead more calmly in the midst of anxious times.”

This is the premise of the book
The Leader’s Journey:
Accepting the Call to Personal Congregational Transformation

a Leadership Network publication. Jim Herrington, Robert Creech and I wrote The Leader’s Journey to help pastors and other congregational leaders find more effective and Christ-like ways to lead by knowing and actually doing the right thing, even in the most difficult situations.

I would love to work with you, your staff, your leadership team or your congregation to apply the principles introduced in The Leader’s Journey to your unique situation. I offer one-on-one coaching for ministers as well as a customized, interactive leadership development experience for you and your team.

Contact me at trishataylorcounseling@gmail.com or 512-922-4000